List of In-Services and Seminars taught by Ruth Franzen

All classes except for the Quantum-Touch courses may be modified to be one-hour lectures, or half- or full-day workshops.


Quantum-Touch, Levels 1 and II, and Self-Created Health

These classes are provided through Quantum-Touch, Inc. and were created by Richard Gordon, QT's founder. The Quantum-Touch classes are two-day classes. Levels 1 and II provide continuing education units for massage therapists and nurses.


Magic of the Mind: Creating the Life You Want

This powerful workshop explains how you can think your way to the life you want to live.


The Healing Power of Touch

Useful in every facet of life, this workshop demonstrates how harnessing emotions can be used in positive ways when caring for self and others, while maintaining inner calm. This class is not just for health care professionals, but for everyone.


How to Program Your Dreams

So much of our lives are spent asleep. Our sleeping brain is a marvelous tool for discovery and problem-solving. This class provides easily-applied techniques to help maximize your dormant abilities.


Person-Centered Healing

This is a class designed for those who are already working with healing energy, whether Reiki, Healing Touch, Quantum-Touch, etc. This class provides guidance in utilizing learned skills more efficiently, to problem-solve where students have experienced frustration in doing energy work, and to help define the intentions in doing energy work. This includes marketing tips and prioritizing, as well as self-care. The content of this class will vary according to the needs of the students. Class size is restricted to 12 participants.


Sensing and Working With Energy Fields

We live and breathe in a universe of vibrational energy fields. This workshop helps students actually feel energy, and learn what a powerful and easily-learned tool field-work can be. This class is for both beginners and advanced energy workers.


Communicating With Angels and Spirit Guides

No one walks this Earth alone. We are watched over at all times. Now, learn methods for communicating with those protective, guiding forces around you!