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I was a Certified Quantum Touch Instructor for some years, but I continued to learn other techniques as well.  As a result, I retained my certification as a Quantum Touch practitioner, but now I teach in my own style, according to what students need and their ability levels. In my healing work I follow inner guidance and what comes through prayer.

In addition to private treatments, I do presentations and public speaking and teach basic but powerful healing techniques. I provide mini treatments  at  parties and gatherings, with lasting healing results. I work to relieve trauma from body memory, provide structural alignment, assist with healing and recovery, and teach clients and their families how to manage and improve chronic conditions. I also work with clients who are preparing for a major surgery, such as a joint replacement or heart bypass surgery. Healing after surgery is normally much more rapid than usual, with a great deal less pain than is usually experienced, if the person has a treatment with me prior to the procedure.

Treatments themselves are relaxing and normally pain-free, a pleasant experience where laughter is common and people frequently tell me they never want the session to end. I am also a licensed counselor, and can assist with the peaceful release of physical and psychological and emotional trauma as it is shed from the body tissue.  Release of this sort is freeing and non-disruptive to the person.

Although most conditions only require one treatment,  some return for a "tune-up" once or twice a year.  I have worked successfully with many types of disorders and injuries, and I look forward to being an instrument of healing for you as well.

Happiness always,  Ruth


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